CD Vulcano - Live III - From Headbangers To Headbangers - Duplo - Digipack
Ano: 2018
Origem: Brasil

CD 1
CD1-1 The Man, The Key, The Beast
CD1-2 Church At A Crossroads
CD1-3 Witches' Sabbath
CD1-4 The Signals
CD1-5 The Evil Always Returns
CD1-6 The Gates Of Iron
CD1-7 Propaganda And Terror
CD1-8 Thunder Metal
CD1-9 I'm Back Again
CD1-10 Awash In Blood
CD1-11 The Tenth Writing
CD1-12 Welcome To The Army

CD 2
CD2-1 Red Death
CD2-2 Total Destruição
CD2-3 Guerreiros De Satã
CD2-4 Legiões Satânicas
CD2-5 Dominions Of Death
CD2-6 Spirits Of Evil
CD2-7 Ready To Explode
CD2-8 Holocaust
CD2-9 Incubus
CD2-10 Death Metal
CD2-11 Bloody Vengeance

CD Vulcano - Live III - From Headbangers To Head - Duplo - Lacrado

REF: CD01147

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