Testament - Dark Roots Of Thrash (2 CDs + DVD) - Digipack
Ano: 2020
Origem: Brasil

CD1-1 Intro
CD1-2 Rise Up
CD1-3 More Than Meets The Eye
CD1-4 Burnt Offerings
CD1-5 Native Blood
CD1-6 True American Hate
CD1-7 Dark Roots Of Earth
CD1-8 Into The Pit
CD1-9 Disciples Of The Watch

CD2-1 Riding The Snake
CD2-2 Eyes Of Wrath
CD2-3 Trial By Fire
CD2-4 The Haunting
CD2-5 New Order
CD2-6 DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
CD2-7 Three Days In Darkness
CD2-8 The Formation Of Damnation
CD2-9 Over The Wall
CD2-10 Disciples Of The Watch

DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Rise Up
DVD-3 More Than Meets The Eye
DVD-4 Burnt Offerings
DVD-5 Native Blood
DVD-6 True American Hate
DVD-7 Dark Roots Of Earth
DVD-8 Into The Pit
DVD-9 Practice What You Preach
DVD-10 Riding The Snake
DVD-11 Eyes Of Wrath
DVD-12 Trial By Fire
DVD-13 The Haunting
DVD-14 The New Order
DVD-15 DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
DVD-16 Three Days In Darkness
DVD-17 The Formation Of Damnation
DVD-18 Over The Wall
DVD-19 Disciples Of The Watch
DVD-20 Credits

CD Testament - Dark Roots Of Thrash - (2 CDs+ DVD) Digipack

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