CD + DVD Myrath - Live In Carthage - Digipack
Ano: 2020
Origem: Brasil

CD-1 Believer
CD-2 Asl
CD-3 Born To Survive
CD-4 Storm Of Lies
CD-5 Dance
CD-6 Wide Shut
CD-7 Merciless Times
CD-8 Get Your Freedom Back
CD-9 Endure The Silence
CD-10 Nobody's Lives
CD-11 Duat
CD-12 The Unburnt
CD-13 Sour Sigh
CD-14 Tales Of The Sands
CD-15 Believer
CD-16 No Holding Back
CD-17 Beyond The Stars

DVD-1 Asl
DVD-2 Born To Survive
DVD-3 Storm Of Lies
DVD-4 Dance
DVD-5 Wide Shut
DVD-6 Merciless Times
DVD-7 Get Your Freedom Back
DVD-8 Endure The Silence
DVD-9 Nobody's Lives
DVD-10 Duat
DVD-11 The Unburnt
DVD-12 Sour Sigh
DVD-13 Tales Of The Sands
DVD-14 Madness
DVD-15 Believer
DVD-16 No Holding Back
DVD-17 Drum Solo
DVD-18 Beyond The Stars
DVD-19 Making-Of Documentary


CD + DVD Myrath - Live In Carthage - Digipack - Lacrado

REF: CD01098

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