CD + DVD Masterplan - Keep Your Dream aLive
Ano: 2015
Origem: Nacional

CD-1 Intro - Per Aspera Ad Astra
CD-2 Enlighten Me
CD-3 Spirit Never Die 
CD-4 Lost And Gone 
CD-5 Crystal Night
CD-6 Betrayal
CD-7 Crimson Rider
CD-8 Back For My Life
CD-9 Time To Be King
CD-10 Keep Your Dream Alive
CD-11 Heroes 
CD-12 Soulburn 
CD-13 Kind Hearted Light
CD-14 Crawling From Hell 
CD-15 Black Night Of Magic 

Main Track: Masters Of Rock Show
DVD-1.1 Intro 
DVD-1.2 Enlighten Me 
DVD-1.3 Spirit Never Die 
DVD-1.4 Lost And Gone 
DVD-1.5 Crystal Night 
DVD-1.6 Betrayal 
DVD-1.7 Crimson Rider 
DVD-1.8 Back For My Life 
DVD-1.9 Time To Be King 
DVD-1.10 Keep Your Dream Alive 
DVD-1.11 Heroes 
DVD-1.12 Soulburn 
DVD-1.13 Kind Hearted Light 
DVD-1.14 Crawling From Hell

Extra Track 1: Wacken Show
DVD-2.1 Special: Wacken 
DVD-2.2 Heroes 
DVD-2.3 Keep Your Dream Alive 
DVD-2.4 Crystal Night 
DVD-2.5 Soulburn 
DVD-2.6 Spirit Never Die 
DVD-2.7 Crawling From Hell 
DVD-2.8 Special Wacken After Show

Extra Track 2: Asia
DVD-3.1 Special: Asia 
DVD-3.2 Soulburn 
DVD-3.3 Heroes 

Extra Track 3: Atlanta
DVD-4.1 Special: Atlanta 
DVD-4.2 Black Night Of Magic 

Extra Track 4: Official Videos
DVD-5.1 Enlighten Me 
DVD-5.2 Back For My Life 
DVD-5.3 Lost And Gone 
DVD-5.4 Time To Be King 
DVD-5.5 Keep Your Dream Alive

CD + DVD Masterplan - Keep Your Dream Alive - Lacrado

REF: CD00754

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