CD Duplo + DVD Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power - Digipack
Ano: 2019
Origem: Nacional

Live In Munich
DVD-1 Battering Ram 
DVD-2 Motorcycle Man 
DVD-3 Sacrifice 
DVD-4 Destroyer 
DVD-5 Power And The Glory 
DVD-6 20,000 FT 
DVD-7 The Devil's Footprint 
DVD-8 Heavy Metal Thunder 
DVD-9 Queen Of Hearts 
DVD-10 Princess Of The Night 
DVD-11 Wheels Of Steel 
DVD-12 Denim And Leather 
DVD-13 Crusader 
Live In Brighton
DVD-14 Eye Of The Storm 
DVD-15 Battalions Of Steel 
DVD-16 Requiem 
Live In Chicago
DVD-17 Motorcycle Man 
DVD-18 Battering Ram 
DVD-19 This Town Rocks 
DVD-20 Sacrifice 
DVD-21 Power And The Glory 
DVD-22 Solid Ball Of Rock 
DVD-23 Dallas 1PM 
DVD-24 Heavy Metal Thunder 
DVD-25 Rock The Nations 
DVD-26 The Eagle Has Landed 
DVD-27 Wheels Of Steel 
DVD-28 Backs To The Wall 
DVD-29 Just Let Me Rock 
DVD-30 Strong Arm Of The Law 
DVD-31 747 (Strangers In The Night) 
DVD-32 Princess Of The Night 
DVD-33 Crusader 
DVD-34 Denim And Leather 
DVD-35 20,000 FT 

Live In Munich
CD1-1 Battering Ram 
CD1-2 Motorcycle Man 
CD1-3 Sacrifice 
CD1-4 Destroyer 
CD1-5 Power And The Glory 
CD1-6 20,000 FT 
CD1-7 The Devil's Footprint 
CD1-8 Heavy Metal Thunder 
CD1-9 Queen Of Hearts 
CD1-10 Princess Of The Night 
CD1-11 Wheels Of Steel 
CD1-12 Denim And Leather 
CD1-13 Crusader 
Live In Brighton
CD1-14 Eye Of The Storm 
CD1-15 Battalions Of Steel 
CD1-16 Requiem 

Live In Chicago
CD2-1 Motorcycle Man 
CD2-2 This Town Rocks 
CD2-3 Sacrifice 
CD2-4 Power And The Glory 
CD2-5 Solid Ball Of Rock 
CD2-6 Dallas 1PM 
CD2-7 Heavy Metal Thunder 
CD2-8 Rock The Nations 
CD2-9 The Eagle Has Landed 
CD2-10 Wheels Of Steel 
CD2-11 Backs To The Wall 
CD2-12 Just Let Me Rock 
CD2-13 Strong Arm Of The Law 
CD2-14 747 (Strangers In The Night) 
CD2-15 Princess Of The Night 
CD2-16 Denim And Leather

CD Duplo + DVD Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power - Lacrado

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