CD Duplo + DVD Duplo Gov't Mule - Bring On The Music / Live At The Capitol Theatre: - Digipack - Deluxe Edition
Ano: 2019
Origem: Brasil

CD1-1 - Hammer & Nails 
CD1-2 - Thorazine Shuffle 
CD1-3 - Larger Than Life 
CD1-4 - Forsaken Savior 
CD1-5 - Broke Down On The Brazos 
CD1-6 - Endless Parade 
CD1-7 - Lola Leave Your Light On 
CD1-8 - Blind Man In The Dark 
CD1-9 - Raven Black Night 

CD2-1 - Traveling Tune (Alternate Version) 
CD2-2 - Stone Cold Rage 
CD2-3 - Whisper In Your Soul 
CD2-4 - Little Toy Brain 
CD2-5 - Trane > Eternity’s Breath > St. Stephen (Jam) 
CD2-6 - Pressure Under Fire 
CD2-7 - Fool's Moon 
CD2-8 - Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version) 
CD2-9 - Bring On The Music

DVD1-1 - Intro 
DVD1-2 - Traveling Tune (Part 1) 
DVD1-3 - Railroad Boy 
DVD1-4 - Mule 
DVD1-5 - Beautifully Broken 
DVD1-6 - Drawn That Way 
DVD1-7 - The Man I Want To Be 
DVD1-8 - Funny Little Tragedy > Message In A Bottle > Funny Little Tragedy 
DVD1-9 - Far Away 
DVD1-10 - Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother 
DVD1-11 - Mr. Man 
DVD1-12 - Soulshine Video (Bonus) 
DVD1-13 - Traveling Tune Video (Warren Haynes Solo) (Bonus) 
DVD1-14 - Rare Photos By Danny Clinch Of The Band Through The Years (Bonus) 

DVD2-1 - Life Before Insanity 
DVD2-2 - Thorns Of Life 
DVD2-3 - Trane 
DVD2-4 Revolution Come, Revolution Go
DVD2-5 No Need To Suffer 
DVD2-6 Dreams & Songs 
DVD2-7 Time To Confess 
DVD2-8 Comeback 
DVD2-9 World Boss 
DVD2-10 Bring On The Music 
DVD2-11 Traveling Tune (Part 2) 
DVD2-12 Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

CD Box Gov't Mule - Bring On The Music... - (2 CDs +2 DVDs) - Lacrado

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